Seaman Guard Ohio Crew Spend Third Christmas in India

Seaman Guard Ohio

By The Maritime Executive 2016-12-12 18:35:55

The three year case of the crew and security guards of the Seaman Guard Ohio continues, with the men still being held in an Indian prison. This Christmas, Human Rights at Sea is asking the industry to please support them by sending a Christmas card.

The crew, including six former U.K. Armed Forces veterans and maritime security guards, remain in jail awaiting to hear the outcome of their legal appeal while maintaining their innocence throughout, says Human Rights at Sea found and CEO, David Hammond.

“Human Rights at Sea has always supported the families in this case alongside other welfare organizations, and we do encourage and in fact we urge you to send the crew and the U.K. security team a Christmas card to let them know that they are not forgotten. The conditions that the crewmen are stoically bearing are none that you would wish for a family member to suffer. Please take a moment to write. It is only the cost of a stamp to India.”

Hammond suggests that people may also like to sign a U.K. Petition for their freedom, already signed by around 380,000 people, here.
Text from Yvonne MacHugh, fiancée of jailed maritime security guard, Billy Irving:

“As I sit here tonight writing Christmas cards, and reading the ones I’ve already received I cannot help but think about Billy and the lads in prison.

“Not a second goes past that I don’t think about them, But at this time of year it always feels a lot harder to comprehend they are in in prison. This will be there second Christmas in Puzhal Prison and their Third Christmas spent in India, away from friends and family.

“At this point while we wait for a verdict there is very little else we can do. I did think however that there is something we can all do, to brighten up the long, monotonous days the men spend in prison and spread some Christmas Cheer to our men in Chennai. When writing your cards this year, why not write one more, pop it in an envelope and send it to one or all of the men in India.”
The Maritime Security Guards:

Billy Irving, John Armstrong, Nick Dunn, Nick Simpson, Paul Towers and Ray Tindall.

The Prison Address:

Office of The Superintendant, 
Central Prison 1, Puzhal, Tamil Nadu, 
Chennai, India, 600066

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