ZIM to Adopt INTTRA eVGM Service as Compliance Tool


By MarEx 2016-07-18 16:30:22

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, one of the world's leading container shipping carriers, and INTTRA, the world's ocean shipping electronic marketplace, are pleased to announce ZIM's implementation of the INTTRA eVGM Service, which will facilitate compliance by ZIM and its customers with the International Maritime Organization's Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Verified Gross Mass (VGM) amendment.  As adopted, the amendment requires all containers to have a VGM - or certified weight - in order to be loaded onto a ship.

The INTTRA eVGM Service provides the operational capabilities for digital submission, receipt, processing and auditing of SOLAS-compliant VGMs for shippers and carriers. ZIM customers using INTTRA e-commerce solutions will be able to submit VGM information through a variety of channels, including EDI, XML, the web, mobile devices and e-mail.

Dudi Avni, ZIM VP Customer Service, said: "The eVGM solution now made available to our customers is part of our ongoing efforts to provide first-rate customer service, as part of our strategy and vision." 

"We are pleased to extend our growing e-commerce partnership with ZIM," said INTTRA's President and Chief Operating Officer Inna Kuznetsova.  "Joining the INTTRA eVGM network will further ZIM's impressive efforts to leverage IT in order to provide great customer service."

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