Yacht Club Monaco Launches Weather Lab


Published Nov 12, 2019 5:13 PM by The Maritime Executive

On November 14, Monaco Yacht Club is launching the Monaco Weather Lab; a new training program devoted to marine weather, climatology and safety at sea. Based in Monaco, an iconic and attractive maritime region of yachting and set up within La Belle Classe Academy, the training center of Monaco Yacht Club, and in cooperation with Navimeteo - a company that provides maritime weather information services this project is dedicated to all professionals of the maritime world. 

Nowadays, it is easy to look at the weather forecast thanks to the technologies at our reach, but are we able to interpret these data correctly? The Monaco Weather Lab's primary objective, through theoretical and practical training, is to enable all maritime professionals and boaters to know how to interpret the weather beyond technologies, to understand and safely manage the hazards of weather at sea and on the coast. In the long term, the project wants to go further, allowing Monaco to become a center where professionals in the field would receive information and advice on the safest and most comfortable routes to follow with valuable details at the local level.

The Principality of Monaco is one of the liveliest and most interesting maritime coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea. An excellent location for a number of reputable and prestigious organizations, such as the Yacht Club of Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco or the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The Principality also houses a series of head offices and operational units such as major shipping companies, insurance groups and yachting service management organizations. The Monaco Ports are a reference for yachts, cruise ships, sailboats and for the entire maritime industry. This unique project is part of the Principality's ambition to position itself as a pole of excellence in Yachting.

This inaugural evening will bring together meteorologists, sailors and renowned sea professionals for a conference on the theme: “Interpreting marine weather in the era of technology.” Thus, Matthieu Chevalier, Head of the Department of Marine Forecasting and Oceanography Direction of Operations for Forecasting, Météo-France; Thierry Rossignol, President of the SNSM Alpes Maritimes; Pierre Lasnier, Weather Engineer, historical router and founder of MétéoMer; Christian Dumard, Navigator and weather router; and Paolo Ghione, Sports Director, coordinator of the Y.C.M competition cell and former Olympic champion - will join to present their perspectives on the theme for the launch of the Monaco Weather Lab.

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