Windrock Launches Completely Redesigned 6400 Portable Analyzer


By MarEx 2016-09-13 12:51:03

Windrock proudly announces the official launch of the completely redesigned 6400 Portable Analyzer.   This brand new analyzer platform offers a wealth of improvements over the Windrock 6320 and all other previous generations of analyzers. The 6400 analyzer offers better utility and easier operation.  It allows the data collection process to be more efficient, improving user safety.  Most importantly, it provides better, more usable data and diagnostics to improve the analysis and performance measurement of compression and combustion machinery.


The most noticeable improvements for the 6400 are the new modern design and the significantly improved screen.  While the updated design is contemporary, it is still tough and built for the compressor deck and engine room.  The screen has more resolution and much brighter display, making the smallest details easy to pick out even in bright sunlight.  We have also reduced the weight compared to the 6320 (25% less) and RT9260 (38% less) and added more strap connection points to reduce the stress on the user.  In addition, the footprint of the entire kit has been reduced and lightened to fit into a single, easily transportable case. 

Key Improvements

- Modern, ergonomic, lightweight design

- 800 x 600, LCD screen is readable in all conditions

- Reduce kit footprint, scaled down to a single carrying case

Efficiency and Safety

Another goal of the 6400 is to reduce the amount of time the user is exposed to the hazardous environment found around reciprocating machinery.  With its faster processor, new user interface and integrated components, the 6400 will reduce the amount of time required to setup and collect data by an estimated 25%.  The integrated encoder and wireless unit includes an onboard user interface to reduce setup and troubleshooting when acquiring the TDC signal.  By combining the ultrasonic and infrared temperature sensors and adding a trigger button, we have reduced the number of data collection passes required around a machine.  The new user interface offers faster navigation and options for express collection, further improving user efficiency. 

Key Improvements

- Combined ultrasonic and temperature sensors with trigger

- Integrated encoder and wireless with new user interface

- More efficient user interface on the analyzer


Windrock continually pursues improvements to our products to better assess machinery condition and more accurately measure unit performance.  The new 6400 architecture enables important technology advancements, including improved ultrasonic readings (smaller baseline, more crisp signals) and high speed ultrasonic measurements, which is particularly useful on high-speed engine analysis.  Our Smart Sensors have built-in range and calibration information in order to ensure the most accurate data collection.  The 6400 now supports both backwards and forwards data sampling so the user can capture transient data of real-time multi-sample signals.  Other improvements include higher signal resolution, more precise TDC measurements and better FFT capabilities.   

Key Improvements

- Smart Sensory technology ensures data accuracy

- Improved ultrasonic and high vibration readings

- Flexible data capture options

What Has Not Changed?

The 6400 Portable Analyzer utilize the flagship Windrock MD software for analysis, diagnostics, trending and reporting.  Windrock MD software can simultaneously support both the 6320 and 6400 analyzers and data exchange between analysts is still seamless, regardless of their analyzer platform.  Windrock offers three levels of the CARE Support Program for the 6400, including the bumper-to-bumper protection for the entire system, which is included with Preferred and Premium levels.  Our industry leading Technical Services team offers assistance and training to new 6400 users and upgrades, as well as remote support and onsite analysis services.

It is important to note that many of these improvements of the 6400 over predecessors were the result of user feedback. We urge our customers to continue to provide valuable suggestions!

For more information, please visit http://www.windrock.com.

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