Wallem - Only Foreign Company to Own a Manning Agency

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By The Maritime Executive 2017-04-06 10:03:39

In light of the recent interest in Chinese crewing, Wallem Ship Management still leads the way in providing Chinese crew to the international shipping market.

Wallem has been providing full Chinese crews for over 18 years and has a long established Training Center in Qingdao and a large support presence in mainland China.

In 2015 Wallem became the only foreign shipping company to 100% own a Manning Agency operation in China – with full rights to recruit, train and deploy Chinese seafarers worldwide. ‘Wallem Maritime Services’ was set up in 2015 and is licensed by the Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration of China (MSA) to directly provide Chinese seafarers to vessels managed by Wallem Ship Management.

Prior to this, Wallem was and remains the largest 3rd party provider of Chinese seafarers to international owners with 47 vessels currently operated by full Chinese crews. Our crews have built up long experience trading globally with over 800 of our Chinese crew having more than 5 years of service with Wallem.

Of great importance is the uptake of cadets and Wallem currently has over 60 Chinese cadets now working directly for Wallem.

Captain Sun Jian Jun, who has worked on Wallem managed vessels since 2003 says, “What impresses me about working at Wallem is the strong emphasis on safety and training and the excellent communication between ship and shore. I am very proud to work for a company which has such a good reputation.”

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