Vesconite Bearings Appoints New Marine Representative

Vesconite Bearings is able to produce large rudder bearings for the marine industry. The thermoplastic Vesconite is preferred in this application since it does not swell like nylon and is environmentally friendly because it does not require greasing like

By MarEx 2016-08-31 16:46:32

Vesconite Bearings, the maker of various engineered polymers, has appointed Sharon Mc Ardle as its new marine representative.

“I welcome the challenge of selling into the marine industry,” says Mc Ardle, who had previously been a general sales representative for diverse industries requiring Vesconite.

“Hundreds of vessels, ranging from pleasure boats to tankers, make use of the polymer in some way,” she enthuses.

Vesconite is primarily used in the marine industry in below-board equipment, such as rudder and stern tube bearings. However, it has also been valued by makers of above-board equipment, such as sailing blocks, winches, pump bearings, deck cranes, sheaves, rollers and pulleys, and by producers of dockyard equipment, including slipway bogies and syncro lifts.

The thermoplastic is desired as a wear material that reduces maintenance costs while being able to carry high loads at slow speeds. The polymer does not corrode, requires no greasing, performs well in dry and immersed conditions, is low friction and resistant to many acids, organic chemicals and solvents, hydrocarbons, oils and fuels.

Mc Ardle can be contacted on +27 57 212 0000 for rods, bearings or plates or machined components, including large rudder bearings, which can be produced as a solid bearing or as connected staves where the bearing is large. Mc Ardle can also be contacted for a free marine design manual.

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