Turkiye and Syria - Our Heart is Broken

GENEL Transport
GENEL Transport

Published Mar 2, 2023 9:05 AM by The Maritime Executive

When the earthquake happened to Turkiye and Syria, our hearts were broken... ...
SGN – As the motto of ‘lifting others, we rise’, we immediately took action with our members. 
•    Altogether amongst the SGN community, we have raised USD6953;
•    Today – 2/03/2023, our committee board member Mr. Turgut’s company, as our ambassador to this donation leads his company Genel Transport to put everything to practical help to the victims in Tukiye;
•    We, SGN, represented by the Genel Mersin team, have reached 300 families across 21 neighborhoods. They had all been displaced as a result of the earthquake.
•    Looking at these beautiful faces, warms your heart!
•    Anyone of us can be them, and we are all ONE! We all need each other!
•    Keep loving and keep believing! 
“ We are extremely proud of our SGN and grateful to everyone who contributed. The joy on people's faces was priceless. Today, SGN has touched many people's hearts.” From Turgut Erkesin President and CEO of Genel Transport.

Special thanks to some of the big contributors: 
GENEL Transport, Turkey; Alien Logistics Malaysia; Union Logistics, USA; Budget Logistics, Thailand 
And thank you all SGN members!
Together we are stronger!
Every small drop of water makes an ocean! 
You can all make a difference!
Join us today to make more difference! 

Email: [email protected] if you want to donate as well.

Best Regards,
Kristy Guo (Cuilan Guo) 


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