TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico Performs First LNG Bunkering

MV Isla Bella

By MarEx 2016-01-12 15:32:09

On Saturday, January 9, 2016, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico successfully loaded LNG bunkers aboard the world's first LNG powered containership, MV Isla Bella. Approximately 100,000 LNG
gallons transported by 12 TOTE-owned LNG ISO containers were loaded on
schedule. The bunkering was conducted under strict US Coast Guard oversight
while Isla Bella was also undergoing cargo operations.

The LNG was transferred from the ISO tank containers using a specially
developed transfer skid developed by TOTE's partner Applied Cryogenics
Technologies (ACT) of Houston, Texas.  The transfer skid is designed to
allow four ISO tanks to be transferred to Isla Bella at once, dramatically
reducing transfer time.

The LNG was sourced by TOTE's partner, JAX LNG, LLC, from AGL Resources' LNG
production facility in Macon, Georgia. Genox Transportation, a specialized
LNG trucking partner of TOTE, transported the fuel to Jacksonville. Pivotal
LNG, a subsidiary of AGL Resources, also provided transfer expertise to TOTE
Maritime with its highly trained LNG experts, ensured the operation was
conducted safely and in accordance with best industry practices.

Oversight of the operation both at shipside and on shore was provided by
TOTE Services, Inc. (TSI), TOTE Maritime's sister company that manages the

"We are very pleased with the results of this initial LNG bunker event and
know that the use of LNG in our Marlin Class vessels will provide
unprecedented environmental benefits both here in Jacksonville and in Puerto
Rico," said Tim Nolan, President of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico. "We are
indebted to USCG Sector Jacksonville for their diligent oversight and
assistance that was invaluable and helped make this event a success.  Our
partners ACT, Pivotal LNG and Genox were also major components of our
success.  Our sister company, TSI, has developed significant expertise in
LNG as a Maritime fuel and ensures that our vessels operate safely and
efficiently using this environmentally superior fuel."

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