TMG Strengthens Defense, Security and Compliance


By The Maritime Executive 07-08-2018 06:32:42

The Maritime Group (International) Ltd of London, U.K., has announced that it has expanded its global services with two new subsidiary companies.

It has expanded with the launch of The Maritime Group (Defence) Ltd and The Maritime Group (Security & Compliance) Ltd) as direct subsidiaries of The Maritime Group (International) Limited.

Both new businesses are based in Liverpool, U.K., together with G&W Maritime Ltd, from where they will serve clients in the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide.

The Maritime Group (International), known as TMG, is headquartered in Seattle, U.S., with regional offices in Honolulu, Singapore and London.

Captain Malcolm W Parrott, Executive Vice President of The Maritime Group (International), said: “The launch of these new companies allows us to focus our considerable expertise in defense, security and compliance.

“It means we will be able to help greater numbers of clients protect and grow their businesses wherever they are. This especially applies to compliance and the looming Brextit when the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

“The new subsidiary companies strengthen TMG’s wide range of expert professional services and will also drive further growth.”

TMG (Security & Compliance) Limited is headed up John Mark Rowbotham, known as John, formerly of HM Customs in the U.K.  

It focuses on maritime and port security plus customs, VAT and marine taxation, including taxation in open registries and double taxation.

The company is taking over a role formally provided at TMG by State 21 Limited during a two-year joint venture partnership. State 21 now concentrates on policing matters rather than maritime security, but will still be working with TMG (Security and Compliance) as and when required.

TMG (Defence) Limited is headed by a former nuclear submarine captain Mr Jonathan Powis, known as Jonty.

It focuses on key elements of maritime defense outside of war, including support issues, disaster relief, strategic consulting and intelligence.

The TMG organization is The Maritime Group (International) with headquarters in Seattle, WA, U.S.  The Maritime Group (International) Limited, London is part of that grouping. 

The Maritime Group (Asia) Pte Ltd in Singapore also successfully launched in January of this year as the company continues to expand.

TMG is ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited.

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