T-ISS SafeSigns Shortlisted for Best Safety Product Award


By The Maritime Executive 07-01-2018 06:39:01

T-ISS is proud to announce that T-ISS SafeSigns have been nominated for the Best Safety Product of the Year at the Safety at Sea Awards 2018.

Safety at Sea has a goal to improve on board safety across the industry. To mark these considerable efforts, the Safety at Sea annual awards are an opportunity to applaud the individuals and companies at the forefront of safety in global shipping.

“All of you deserve recognition for everything you do for safety in shipping - and that's what these awards are all about … recognizing and honoring the impact you make on the industry, ensuring that ships reach their destinations safe and sound, and that seafarers’ lives are protected,” said Tanya Blake, Safety at Sea, Editor.

“It’s a great honor to have been shortlisted for this prestigious award and a fantastic reward to T-ISS’ product development team,” said Marcel Pex, Marketing & Sales Director 

T-ISS SafeSigns have been nominated because they are made out of PETX, an unique product composition in the market. They do not contain any PVC and are halogen free, besides that they are 100 percent environment friendly and recyclable.

With this innovation, the company is trying to save human life and at the same time the environment by creating less pollution, using environment-friendly materials that are free from toxics and flame retardant.
Another upside of this innovation is the high gloss finish, which is easy to wipe clean and looks good, and thanks to the innovative materials it is UV resistant, so they come with a 10 year warranty, even when used outdoors.

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