South Jersey Port Corporation Reports Robust First Quarter Activity


Published Jun 16, 2024 4:21 PM by The Maritime Executive


[By South Jersey Port Corporation]

The South Jersey Port Corporation (SJPC) is proud to announce that its 2024 first-quarter activity has continued strong through the end of April 2024, driven by high demand and record rail volume. To support this sustained growth and enhance our infrastructure, SJPC has recently invested over $8 million in new infrastructure and equipment, reinforcing the commitment to efficient and reliable rail service with additional major capital improvements planned. 

Key Highlights:

Strong First Quarter Activity: SJPC has experienced robust activity levels, with significant demand propelling operations to new heights. This includes record-breaking rail volume, underscoring the importance of rail connectivity to our overall logistics network.

The year-to-date wood products cargo has already exceeded the total for 2023, with 2024 figures 27.4% higher than the total for all of 2023. Steel stood out with a 55% increase at the Camden Terminals. Overall cargo activity at all terminals is up 16%. 

Investment in Infrastructure: To accommodate and support this growth, SJPC has spent  over $8 million to enhance rail capabilities, ensuring the ability to meet and exceed the needs of customers.

Future Growth and Capacity Expansion: Looking ahead, SJPC is dedicated to meeting future demand and seizing new opportunities and is actively exploring ways to develop additional indoor and outdoor storage capacity at our Camden terminals. This expansion is crucial for managing the increasing demand from current and new customers for steel and forest products, key commodities that drive our port's success.

SJPC's strategic investments are not only a response to current market demands but also a proactive measure to secure our position as a leading port in the region. By enhancing our infrastructure and expanding our storage capacities, we aim to provide unparalleled service to our clients and foster economic and job growth in the South Jersey region. 

"Our commitment to continuous improvement and investment in infrastructure is essential to maintaining the high standards of service our customers expect," said Andy Saporito, Executive Director and CEO of SJPC. "The record rail volumes and strong demand we’ve experienced so far this year are a testament to the hard work of our team and the strategic vision we have for the future. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and remain dedicated to supporting our clients' needs through innovation and expansion."

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