Solarglide Supplies SG GLIDER to Offshore Support Vessel


By The Maritime Executive 2016-12-13 09:22:09

The offshore support vessel is currently docked at Aberdeen harbor and now houses 21 solar screens on the bridge windows. Solarglide offer free measuring up on all vessels docked in mainland England, Scotland and Wales.

With this amazing offer available, the ship’s Superintendent was very pleased to have us onboard saying "We couldn’t have asked for a better job, the guys did great”

With the ship leaving for the Indian Ocean in just under a week, the crew will now be enjoying temperatures of at least 15 degrees cooler on the bridge. SG Glider, the world’s 1st type Approved ship solar screen, represents the ideal solution for combating heat and glare on your vessel.

SG Glider

Solar glare poses a dangerous threat to your vessel whilst out at sea as this is where the sun is at its strongest. It significantly reduces visibility through navigational windows, increasing the risk of collision, especially when travelling through a bustling port.

As the sun beats down on the ship, on board conditions for the crew and passengers can become unbearable as there are no areas for solace in the shade.

SG Glider, the world’s first Type Approved ship solar screen, represents the ideal solution for combating extreme heat and glare on your vessel. Solarglide’s marine blinds for ships almost completely eliminate the sun’s glare and harmful UV radiation, improving visibility through navigational windows and creating a more comfortable environment for everybody onboard.

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