SOCP Ready for Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Proposals


By MarEx 2016-10-17 19:19:32

The Shipboard Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) has issued a Request for Proposal to companies interested in developing an interactive Computer Based Training product about maritime sexual assault / sexual harassment prevention. 

All Final Proposals must be submitted by close of business on October 28, 2016.

Earlier this month, the Maritime Administration (MARAD) signed a cooperative agreement with SOCP to fund and develop interactive computer-based training modules. The training material will help mariners better identify and prevent sexual harassment, bullying, retaliation, violence and other coercive behaviors as well as assist industry efforts to aggressively promote a culture of zero tolerance for such behavior. 

This action is part of a larger effort by the DOT, MARAD, and USMMA to build an environment of inclusion for all in the industry. 

SOCP, a non-profit organization comprised of maritime industry companies and professionals, was established to improve the safety, productivity, efficiency, security and environmental performance of U.S. vessel operations.

The RFP can be downloaded from the SOCP website at http://www.socp.us/article.html?aid=131.

Contact SOCP Program Administration at programadmin@socp.us or 301-538-7627 for further information or visit us at www.socp.us.

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