SIS Completes Contract with Borr Drilling Limited in Record Time

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By The Maritime Executive 06-30-2017 09:17:44

SIS is pleased to announce that the company has signed a contract with Borr Drilling Limited to implement software for management systems on board and onshore.

Borr Drilling is an international drilling contractor to the oil and gas industry looking to acquire and operate modern drilling assets. The industry is currently under significant stress, and Borr Drilling aims to establish a platform to help players capitalize on the challenging market situation. Combining record low asset prices with a capable operating organization will allow Borrto take advantage of opportunities in a rapidly changing oil and gas industry. Using their fleet of shallow water rigs, Borr can deliver safe and high quality drilling operations to their customers.

Borr Drilling is currently building an organization to support operations of their current and incoming drilling rigs. SIS will provide supporting management systems and procedures to their drilling operations.

SIS Project Manager Per Anders Koien reports that deployment and creating a data structure for complex rig operations on the first pilot rig has been completed in record time: “Deployment work has been finished before summer holidays. The SIS team has put in a fantastic effort over the last month.” He notes that the potential scope of the project represents a great opportunity for SIS to enhance their services and software. “We are confident that together with Borr Drilling, we will deliver on all parties’ expectations.”

SIS appreciates the trust Borr Drilling has placed in our systems and our people, and we look forward to supporting Borr Drilling in their future endeavors.

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