Shipyards Save by Using LED Work Lighting


By The Maritime Executive 05-08-2019 11:40:03

The majority of the shipyard industry worldwide is known to be very conservative, very old-fashioned and set in their own ways, highly financially sensitive and savings orientated and therefore extremely demanding to penetrate in with innovative, cost effective, game changing, user friendly products.

Coming from a company whose main business focus is the development and production of such innovative products - LED work lighting for the marine, offshore, oil & gas, production and military industry I happen to know from experience that this fact is very true.

However, to emphasize the saying that exceptions confirm the rule, fortunately a lot of shipyards have accepted and embraced the changes and new technology.

One of them is the Croatian shipyard Viktor Lenac (https://www.lenac.hr/), one of the leading shipyards in the Mediterranean which itself open – mindedly approached the company – DATA LINK (http://datal.com/en) and asked for assistance into putting their conceptual design in practice aimed at solving a big problem of theirs which is huge financial losses in electricity costs, in labor and work productivity, in working hours and overall time needed to finish projects.

All of these problems have been successfully solved by simply changing the old, traditional lighting systems to the new, innovative, cost effective, robust and highly durable one.

For over 3 years now Viktor Lenac shipyard has been successfully using explosion proof – ATEX LED lighting fixtures, water proof dry-dock reflectors on scaffolds or trolleys made in stainless steel, dock lighting, portable work lighting, all operating on safety low voltages and all used in the most extreme work conditions and environments.

By using the new lighting system in everyday work operations – steelwork, stand blasting, high pressure washing, anti-corrosion protection, painting and coating, Viktor Lenac shipyard has in a short time achieved substantial financial savings of 80% just in the decrease of electricity consumption and cost.

Furthermore, the shipyards work production has increased significantly due to fewer hours daily spent on changing lighting installations between work processes and fixing old light bulbs. Additionally man labour has become more satisfied, productive and effective in preforming their daily jobs.

Also importantly the project completion time measured in days has decreased resulting in more contracted jobs per year and higher annual profits for the company.

All in all the shipyards financial vitality and stability has improved by far.

But the Viktor Lenac shipyard is not a sole case. Numerous large shipyards across Europe and the Middle East (German Drydocks, Norderwerft Repair, Astander shipyard, Remontowa shipyard, Damen shipyard Dubai Drydock World, Oman Drydock) have recognized the advantages, quality and potential of DATA LINK’s developed LED work lighting solutions and have successfully switched from their old lighting systems and are experiencing positive effects.

Good work lighting anywhere should not be a luxury, it should be a necessity.

The products and services herein described in this press release are not endorsed by The Maritime Executive.