ShipSafe Maritime Technologies Inc. Signs Agreement with DANAOS


Published Aug 15, 2022 8:59 AM by The Maritime Executive

Vancouver, B.C, August 15th, 2022 — ShipSafe Maritime Technologies Inc. a startup based in Vancouver, Canada, signed an agreement with DANAOS, a pioneer in ship management systems with over 28 years of experience and serving over 9000 vessels. The partnership will focus on developing the next generation AI/AR based remote inspection platform for the shipping industry. ShipSafe with its niche expertise in remote inspections has successfully served numerous ocean bound fleets. Both companies believe that their mutual synergy and combined resources will fast track development and further enhance current user experience.

“We saw ShipSafe as a natural partner to build next generation remote inspections platform to better serve the shipping industry and drive much needed digital transformation” - Mr. Dimitris Theodossiou - Owner, Danaos Management Consultants S.A.

The Bandwidth Barrier: One of the greatest barriers to managing complex IT solutions onboard ships is well known, less understood, and often quoted as a reason to not increase investment. ShipSafe Maritime Technologies believes that software designed for full connectivity using fiber optic bandwidth delivery is bound to fail when installed on ships.

CEO and Founder of Vancouver based ShipSafe Suite, Sahil Andrews Chand, recognized this problem and has developed a suite of Network Operations Center (NOC) tools specifically designed to consider bandwidth limitations. Providing IT Automation for servers and shipboard networks, the software allows for monitoring and control of the onboard IT infrastructure while automating time consuming tasks. With new requirements outlined in the IMO’s 2021 Cyber Risk Management Code, compliance and future proofing becomes an issue. ShipSafe IT Suite aids with that compliance while reducing costs anywhere from 40- 60%.

Sahil believes that the collaboration with DANAOS will allow ShipSafe to quickly scale its solution and make it accessible to DANAOS nine thousand plus fleet. This will ensure that the remote inspection platform is built with real-time access and understanding of user needs and that the deployment of the software is seamless.

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