SHIPPINGInsight’s Carleen Lyden Walker Named Honorary Chairperson


Published Dec 3, 2020 4:09 PM by The Maritime Executive

Fredrick James Francis, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the “Heroes at Sea” tribute to seafarers around the world, announced today the appointment of Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer for SHIPPINGInsight and an IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador, as the Honorary Chairperson for 2020.  The program invites participants to walk, jog, cycle or swim distances which collectively result in circumnavigating the globe.  The culmination of the event is a virtual global concert on December 21st.

“The ‘Heroes at Sea’ program is a tribute to the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis who have continued their mission of delivering food, medical supplies, energy and goods without pause.” stated Francis.  “Further, they have been required to work well beyond their contracted terms due to crew change restrictions resulting from the pandemic.”  In addition to funds raised through the physical activity, participants are also asked to write tributes to the mariners reinforcing society’s appreciation for the vital work they are doing.

Funds raised by the program will support the work of Mission to Seafarers, The Nautical Institute and the World Maritime Heritage Society as they endeavor to lessen the burden on mariners.  At any one time, there are over 1000 ships in the Port of Singapore with thousands of mariners on board who are in need of support during these challenging times.

“I am honored to have been invited to be the Honorary Chairperson of this important initiative” remarked Ms. Walker.  “It is important that the public understand the sacrifices mariners are making to keep global trade moving forward.  It is equally important that mariners know that we are aware of their efforts and are grateful to them for their service.”

To register as a participant in the “Heroes at Sea” program, visit Heroes at Sea.

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