Shift Energy Partners with Fast Offshore Supply & Terasaki Electric Co

Shift Clean Energy, Terasaki Electric Co., Fast Offshore Supply Pte Ltd.

Published Dec 7, 2022 8:43 PM by The Maritime Executive

Shift Clean Energy (Shift) announced today that they have partnered with Terasaki Electric Co. (F.E) Pte Ltd (Terasaki) to utilize Shift’s proprietary Energy Storage System (ESS) to electrify a transport crew vessel for Fast Offshore Supply Pte Ltd (Fast Offshore). This project is a part of Fast Offshore’s “Green Initiative and Sustainability Program” and is designed to cut emissions and reduce fuel consumption. 

Brent Perry, CEO and founder of Shift, commented: “We are thrilled to work with Terasaki and Fast Offshore Supply to electrify these advanced crew transfer vessels. It is a privilege to join forces with forward-thinking organizations and we know that this is only the beginning of an impactful and exciting project and wider mission to decarbonize the marine industry as a whole.”

Today, representatives from Shift, Terasaki, and Fast Offshore participated in a MOU signing ceremony at FOS Shipyard Pte Ltd. Terasaki, an industry leading provider and manufacturer of electrical switchboards, control systems, and system integrators will upgrade the Fast Offshore vessel’s existing electrical system to support the implementation of Shift’s leading-edge technology. 

Darren Tiong of Terasaki Electric Co. (F.E) Pte Ltd commented: “Fast Offshore’s “Go Green Attitude” is absolutely amazing. The way the organization discusses decarbonization and environmental solutions really thrilled us. With this project, and many to follow, we are determined to show our commitment to working towards a healthier and more sustainable environment. We are excited to work side-by-side with Shift Clean Energy once again to support Fast Offshore’s “Green Initiative and Sustainability Program”. Together, we can contribute to cleaner seas.” 

Fast Offshore Supply (FOS) is known to have one of Asia’s largest offshore crew vessel operators and is known for designing, building and operating one of the continent’s most advanced fleets of Fast Multi-purpose Supply Vessels (FMSV). These vessels are referred to as the ‘Master of the Sea’, providing efficient and fast transportation. Shift will be outfitting the ship with its fixed battery system, transitioning the vessel from conventional diesel to hybrid-electric. The 422kWh energy storage system will be used for peak shaving and hotel loads. 

The ESS system for the newly hybridized vessel will be a containerized fixed installation and will be equipped with a “Plug and Play” connection with the vessel's electrical system. Terasaki will upgrade the MSB and PMS for the vessel’s electrical system while Shift will provide the vessel with its state-of-the-art marine approved batteries and operational software - OnWätch. 

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