SEACOR Vessel Outfitted with Vikand PYURE Dynamic Protection


Published Oct 8, 2020 12:47 PM by The Maritime Executive

Vikand Solutions, LLC—a provider of global medical and public health service solutions to the entire maritime industry, today announced the installation of the PYURE Dynamic Protection™ aboard SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc.’s (“SEACOR Marine”) Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), the SEACOR TARAHUMARA. This installation builds upon SEACOR Marine’s outstanding safety track record and continued enhancement of its recently disclosed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives (available at https://ir.seacormarine.com/news-releases/news-release-details/seacor-marine-forms-new-sustainability-council-lead-enhanced-esg).

Vikand is a leading expert in global maritime medical operations and healthcare solutions. PYURE Dynamic Protection™ is an air purification solution for the maritime industry which ensures that air and surfaces onboard remain COVID-19 and contaminant free through continuous sanitation.

The PYURE Dynamic Protection™ system operates by creating the metamorphosis of particles through its air purification system, technology that generates powerful hydroxyl molecules to cleanse interior spaces, replacing harmful substances with critical organic compounds.

Its installation aboard the SEACOR TARAHUMARA—fitting within four air handlers to service the full ship with one additional installation for bridge treatment—provides the full ship’s complement with a healthy environment.

How the PYURE Dynamic Protection™ Works


·PYURE Dynamic Protection™ harnesses the power of hydroxyls.

o   Hydroxyls cleanse the atmosphere of harmful substances, replacing it with important organic compounds.

§  When PYURE Dynamic Protection™ is installed into the HVAC system, hydroxyls work to proactively and continuously disinfect the air, surfaces, and fabrics onboard. 

§  Hydroxyls become powerful sanitizing agents that immediately eliminate viruses, bacteria, odor molecules, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and more.

§  Newly formed hydroxyls react with contaminants, forming new oxidants which quickly disperse to sanitize air and surfaces.


Vikand’s CEO, Peter Hult, added: “PYURE is, simply put, the best public health tool for the maritime industry to create safe environments. More, Vikand has the technologies, understands logistical considerations, and deploys superb technical, medical and management teams. PYURE ensures that onboard air and surfaces remain COVID-19 and contaminant free through continuous sanitation.”

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