SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller for Six New ASD Tugs from Med Marine

Seçkin Uz, Managing Director of SCHOTTEL Turkey, and Ertugrul Çetin, Procurement & Technical Group Director at Med Marine endorse the long-standing partnership between the two companies in the manufacture and equipping of modern and powerful marine vessel

Published Mar 15, 2024 11:37 AM by The Maritime Executive


SCHOTTEL is to equip six new ASD tugs of the Turkish Med Marine Group with the SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller (SRP). The new vessels will be built by Med Marine’s Eregli Shipyard and will be available in 2025 to meet the constantly growing demand for Med Marine tugs.

New builds to cover a range of different bollard pull requirements A total of twelve SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers in the SRP 360, SRP 430 and SRP 490 series will be built for the new vessels by the German manufacturer of marine propulsion systems. The new tugs will cater for a range of different bollard pull requirements in the 50-, 60-, 80- and 85-tonne classes and will also be equipped with modern fire-fighting systems.

Preventing potential disruptions and serving customers reliably Ertugrul Çetin, Procurement & Technical Group Director at Med Marine, explains Med Marine’s proactive production strategy: “An increasingly difficult global political situation and jeopardised trade routes have led to an increase in supply chain disruptions in recent years. The maritime industry is particularly affected by this. With the pre-production of our successful tug models, we can prevent potential disruptions and serve our customers reliably and possibly even significantly faster once an order has been placed.” Regarding Med Marine’s decision in favour of SCHOTTEL thrusters, he comments: “We have a long-standing and trusting partnership with SCHOTTEL. We benefit not only from their modern, high-quality drive systems but also from SCHOTTEL’s reliability as a supplier.”

Maximum manoeuvrability, robust design and professional service The power ratings of the propulsion systems commissioned by Med Marine range from 1,575 to 2,525 kilowatts per unit, with propeller diameters from 2.2 metres for the SRP 360 units to 2.8 metres for the SRP 490 units. The SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller combines maximum manoeuvrability and bollard pull with outstanding course stability during free sailing. It provides powerful thrust in any chosen direction at all times, while simultaneously ensuring high propulsion efficiency for low operating costs and emissions. The robust design of the SRP allows for long operating times coupled with low maintenance requirements. At the same time, SCHOTTEL guarantees long-term availability of spare parts and provides its customers with a dense network of service stations, customer advisors and technicians.

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