SafeLearn Launches "Safe Navigation in Confined Waters" Online Course

Credit: Safebridge

By The Maritime Executive 04-23-2020 04:57:25

SafeLearn, a product line of Safebridge, launches a new online training titled "Safe Navigation in Confined Waters." The course is designed to educated and refresh the knowledge of officers on proper passage planning and execution of voyage in potentially dangerous areas.

One of the most vital safety aspects while navigating the vessel in confined waters is the officer's ability to accurately identify dangerous areas and include them in the passage plan. Such areas pose a risk to the vessel because of shallow nature, surface and subsurface obstructions or any other conditions that have the potential to compromise the safety of the vessel. Subsequently, the officers must be able to properly execute the voyage and stay well clear of such high-risk areas. The ability to carry out these tasks is paramount in ensuring the safety of the vessel and the crew.

Safe Navigation in Confined Waters addresses these topics by offering officers the ability to acquire this knowledge through practical scenarios created by experienced nautical authors. In doing this course, officers will have the opportunity to:

•  Refresh their understanding of the basics of passage planning
•  Learn the most critical aspects of preparing a digital passage plan and effectively compare it with classical paper charts
•  Familiarise themselves with advanced predictor functions of the ECDIS and its application for executing a safe passage.

“With many navigators, their last formal training on ‘navigation in confined waters’ lasts back many years, if not decades. Since then, good practises may have evolved with each individual, which however is accompanied by the risk of operational blindness. This is, where this course at hand can make a valuable contribution, by widening the user’s perspective to additional proven best practise standards,” said Professor Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins, CEO Safebridge.

The course goes hand in hand with the recent release of Mastering Daily Navigation course, and together, both courses will help ensure that officers are equipped with sufficient, up-to-date knowledge to execute vessel navigation safely and efficiently.

You can experience the "Safe Navigation in Confined Waters, now available for purchase on the Safebridge online shop as an individual course or as a course bundle together with Mastering Daily Navigation. 

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