Revolutionize Fleet Management with ABS Wavesight Nautical Systems Mobile

ABS Wavesight

Published Jun 4, 2024 2:52 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: ABS Wavesight]

As the maritime industry continues to rapidly advance with increasingly stringent regulations and ever-evolving technology, staying ahead of the curve requires embracing innovative technological solutions. ABS Wavesight understands the challenges that ship owners and operators face and offers a suite of mobile apps within the Nautical Systems (NS) fleet management software portfolio to revolutionize maritime operations. With a focus on efficiency, safety, and real-time management, Nautical Systems mobile apps are empowering the maritime industry to reach new heights of success.

Nautical Systems mobile features a collection of 5 powerful, role-specific apps designed to streamline critical fleet management operations. Whether it's compliance management, maintenance & purchasing management, crew management, drydock management or document management, these apps offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing tasks and simplifying workflows. By leveraging portable and mobile technology, NS Mobile allows for seamless integration across vessels and shore-based offices, promoting a synchronized ecosystem for efficient operations.

The suite of NS mobile applications includes:

NS Superintendent
Enables efficient workflows by giving Superintendents and Managers control over work and approvals from their mobile devices so that critical tasks don’t have to wait for someone to return to the office.

NS Vessel
Enables on-the-go viewing and management of maintenance and compliance tasks, planned and unplanned work orders, audits, inspections, meetings and drills.

NS Workboat
Enables operational compliance with checklist-based functionality and one-stop audits for onboard operations and onshore decision making.

NS Drydock
Enables mobility during drydock events, allowing efficiency while performing critical tasks, change order processing and checklist management.

NS Docs
Provides onboard and office mobile users quick and easy access to company-controlled documents when away from their computer.

All of the NS Mobile applications have been designed to provide crew and staff a simple and familiar interface that is responsive to their needs and works on any device, for quick and easy adoption.

For more information on ABS Wavesight Nautical Systems™ Mobile, schedule a demo or speak with a Nautical Systems expert today. Download our free infographic to learn more about how NS Mobile can help you revolutionize fleet management: https://bit.ly/ns-mobile-marex

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