Propspeed Selected by The Stark Group

Image courtesy of Propspeed
Image courtesy of Propspeed

Published Aug 6, 2021 2:13 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Propspeed]

Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today it has been selected by Ocean Fisheries Ltd. as the preferred foul-release coating for its fleet of commercial fishing vessels. Based in Lyttelton, New Zealand and part of the Stark Group of companies owned and operated by the Stark family, Ocean Fisheries Ltd. was started in 1967 to encompass the company’s commercial fishing operations. The fleet currently consists of three trawlers – FV Frontier (launched 2004), FV Legacy (launched 2012) and FV Endeavour (launched 2016) – one of the most modern fleets operating in New Zealand. The three vessels are made of steel and are hauled every two years.

Having applied Propspeed to several superyachts during routine dry docking contracts, the Stark family were aware of the product. Discussions with Propspeed staff highlighted the fact that the same benefits of clean propellers could apply to commercial fishing vessels, so a decision was made to prep and coat the propeller on each vessel at the next haul out in 2014.

“The benefits of Propspeed are definitely noticeable in terms of a much cleaner propeller when we haul the vessel for survey, maintenance and repairs,” said Andrew Stark, CEO, Ocean Fisheries. “Application of Propspeed has now become a must-do job at all haul outs. In addition, we historically had issues with weed growth on the keel coolers for the main and auxiliary engines, ice maker, hydraulics and echo sounder transducers. After a discussion with Propspeed we applied the product to the echo sounders and keel coolers at our most recent 2020 haul outs and we expect the same lack of growth to occur. We would have no hesitation in recommending other trawl vessel owners apply Propspeed because it severely inhibits weed and marine growth. In the case of the keel coolers it saves us time and money using divers to clean the coolers in water, and increases refrigeration capacity and efficiency by allowing increased cooling capability for much longer periods.”

“We are very pleased to hear a successful commercial fishing fleet is experiencing the real-world benefits of our product line,” said Chris Baird, CEO, Propspeed. “These vessels are put to the test in constant use in very demanding conditions and the livelihood and safety of the crew depends on their flawless operation. We are confident that they will continue to see positive result through the life of these boats.”

Propspeed’s ultra-slick topcoat is specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. It is proven to support vessel readiness, increase efficiency, prevent corrosion, save fuel and reduce maintenance costs. It features an exceptionally strong chemical and mechanical bond between the metal substrate, the Etching Primer and the Clear Coat – ensuring the Propspeed coating actually sticks to running gear, and that the vessel can run at its peak throughout the entire season.

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