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Credit: Heila Cranes

By The Maritime Executive 11-05-2018 03:47:49

Heila Cranes (Heila) was the first company to supply a 340 tm knuckle boom telescopic crane. It was also the first to supply an HLRM 580 tm crane. The natural next step was to break the 1,000 tm barrier.

Starting from the first development of the Heila telescopic knuckle boom crane, Heila has always striven to build bigger and better cranes. Heila was the first to build many of the larger cranes of this type, culminating in the HLRM 1000-6S in 2018. 

Dario Ricci, CEO of Heila Group, said: “Our HLRM 1000-6S, a 70-ton foldable knuckle telescopic crane, will dramatically change the heavy-duty crane market. It is equipped with a telescopic arm that can extend to a maximum radius of 30 metres. However in store position the crane only requires minimal space.”

The HLRM 1000-6S crane is able to lift 14,300kg at a reach of almost 30m and 52,500kg at 13.4m. 

Despite its small footprint, it is a high-capacity crane. In combination with various options, including Active Heave Compensation (AHC), this crane is a cost-effective, highly versatile but compact tool, suitable for many offshore activities, thus greatly reducing mobilization time of vessels. It is the offshore equivalent of a Swiss army knife.

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