Port of Bergen Orders New Environmentally Friendly Workboat


Published Aug 26, 2020 5:26 PM by The Maritime Executive

The Port of Bergen in Norway has entered into an agreement with Maritime Partner AS for the delivery of a new work- and security boat that will replace the two boats currently in use.

The boat - an Alusafe 1500 MPV - will be powered by a hybrid system, using diesel for long range/high speed and electric propulsion for slower speed and station keeping.

The new boat we are ordering is an important step towards the goal of a zero-emission port, says director Johnny Breivik in the Port of Bergen. When the boat operates in the inner port limits, it will always use battery power. The port area is quite large, and some facilities are remote, and sailing longer distances require higher speed. This is achieved by using two of the most efficient diesel engines in the market.

The boat will be delivered and taken into use in May 2021.

Facts about the new work boat:
The hybrid boat - an Alusafe 1500 MPV - will be built in aluminum, which is a 100% recyclable material. It is powered by battery or energy-efficient diesel engines with seamless transition. The Alusafe 1500 MPV has a large front deck, bow ramp and crane as well as a spacious bridge. The boat is built to handle most tasks in maintaining the port facilities. Towing and handling of other small craft, personnel transport, rescue missions and oil pollution duties. As such it is suitable for most tasks a modern port is faced with.

The propulsion is by twin water jets which are connected to the diesel- and electric motors via a marine gear. The top speed is over 27 knots. Batteries can operate the vessel at speeds in excess of 5 knots for 2-3 hours.

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