Port Canaveral Joins Green Marine as 100th Participant


By MarEx 2016-02-18 15:20:54

The Canaveral Port Authority (CPA) has joined the Green Marine environmental certification program, a North American initiative committed to advancing environmental excellence in maritime transportation. This marks a major milestone as the Canaveral Port Authority is the 100th participant to join Green Marine.

Commission Chairman Jerry Allender says protecting the environment is one of the port’s most important duties. “It’s our responsibility to maintain – and when necessary restore – the critical balance of physical conditions that allows Port Canaveral to fulfill its many functions. For an environmentally sensitive area as large and active as Port Canaveral, this requires a day-in day-out commitment.”

Green Marine’s detailed criteria within specific performance indicators will assist Port Canaveral to first benchmark its environmental performance and then identify ways to improve it.

“I am especially pleased that Port Canaveral is our 100th participant because it’s an organization that well reflects Green Marine’s philosophy and values,” said David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director. “One of the driving forces within the extremely dynamic Floridian maritime economy, the Canaveral Port Authority is already engaged in several initiatives to protect the environment and to continue expanding its business in sustainable ways.”

Bolduc also noted that welcoming Port Canaveral as Green Marine’s 100th participant is a milestone that reflects the steadily increasing number of North American marine industry enterprises committed to being proactive towards achieving greater sustainability, and the wide recognition that Green Marine now garners as a practical, effective framework to demonstrate that environmental commitment.

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