Polyflake Coating Restores Corroded Water Jet Intake


By The Maritime Executive 07-23-2019 09:57:18

E4 Power recently made the trip from Miami, FL to Mamaroneck, NY to ensure that our customer received the best quality service in the marine coatings market. Two of the water jet intakes on one of the customer's vessels had experienced corrosion, and we had the solution.

Corrosion is clearly visible in the water jet intake and has started to lift the paint and corrode the steel (above).

After wet-blasting, applying Polyflake anti-corrosive coating ensures that there is an impenetrable barrier, protecting the material for many years to come (below). 

Made from chemical-resistant resins mixed with glass flakes, Polyflake can repair, rebuild and protect equipment to original standards at a much lower cost than replacement. The Polyflake system is a controlled polymerization process through which the resin is bonded to the original bare metal. The formulations can be varied to produce spray, brush or trowel grades to meet the specific needs of each application and to suit the corrosive, chemical and mechanical conditions to be encountered.

For more information on the Polyflake coating system, please visit https://www.e4powerllc.com/

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