PIRIOU Contracted to Build Hydro-Oceanographic and Multi-Mission Vessel


By MarEx 2016-06-23 16:26:41

PIRIOU has just recorded a new order from the Moroccan Royal Navy for a 72 m Hydro-Oceanographic Multi-Missions vessel (BHO2M) to be delivered by mid-2018.

This is the third contract awarded by the Moroccan Royal Navy (MRN) after the contract for a 50 m LCT (Landing Craft Tank) to be delivered next July and the contract for the overhaul of the OPV 64 ‘Rais Bargach’ presently under way in Concarneau.

The BHO2M is a last generation scientific vessel equipped with the systems matching the topographic studies answering the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standards. She was designed from the Multi-Missions vessel (B2M) under construction in Concarneau for the French Navy.

This contract is the outcome of the significant work of a tight team comprising:

PIRIOU who ensures the vessel design, studies and building,

The SHOM (Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department) for the scientific part of the vessel and the training of the technicians of the Hydrography, Oceanography and Cartography Division (DHOC) of the MRN,

KERSHIP for the expertise in military systems and contract management.

Vincent Faujour, PIRIOU General Manager declares:

‘We are very pleased and honored to build this second vessel for the Moroccan Royal Navy. Thanks in particular to a close and crucial collaboration with the SHOM, we have designed a performing vessel with all the qualities required to become the new reference in terms of hydro-oceanographic vessel. Following on from the expedition vessel YERSIN and the Polar Logistic Vessel PLV, PIRIOU thus confirms its ability to design and build very technical vessels with scientific or exploration purposes.

Besides we are developing our activities in the Law Enforcement and Defense business and now exporting, both with KERSHIP and the support and partnerships forged with the French Defense and especially the French Navy I sincerely thank’.

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