Oil Major Identifies SQLearn’s E-Learning System as "Best Practice"


By The Maritime Executive 03-03-2020 09:23:30

SQLearn is pleased to announce that the company’s e-learning system used by Prime Marine Management was deemed a “best practice” by a major oil company during a recent audit. Prime Marine Management uses SQLearn’s suite of specialized services for the shipping industry in a fleet of 40 vessels.

SQLearn is the first to use e-learning for the advancement of maritime training with flexible, interactive and reflective learning techniques. Its Dolphin System, a web-based e-learning system specifically designed for the shipping industry, is offered via a hardware solution for onboard training, while the ashore installation allows the training manager to manage and monitor the training process across the fleet in real time. Dolphin Library consists of interactive e-learning courses that cover the training needs of the shipping companies. The e- learning courses are based on STCW topics that cover national, international and flag requirements.

Moreover, Prime Marine Management makes use of SQLearn’s Resilient Dolphin, a library of e-learning modules available under the Resilience Training Programme, so as to improve the crew’s capacity to successfully deal with stressful personal or professional challenges or events and take effective decisions.

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