OCV Taken Over by COOEC

ST-263 OCV

By MarEx 2015-01-30 11:44:07

Skipsteknisk announced that its new design ST-263 was officially handed over to COOEC (China Offshore Oil Engineering Company), a subsidiary of CNOOC, on December 28, 2014. ST-263 is a complex multi purpose offshore construction vessel, developed by Skipsteknisk in close cooperation with COOEC. The vessel is built by CSSC Huangpu Shipyard in China, and is designated Hai Yang Shi You 286. This is the first ST-design for COOEC, but the third ST-design developed and until now delivered for CNOOC.

The ST-263 is the only one of its kind in China invested by COOEC, and has an overall length of 140.75m, moulded breath of 29m and a depth of 12.8m, a working deck of about 1900 sq.m, accommodation for 150 person and is fitted with a helicopter deck for S92. The vessel is designed as an IMO DPS3 vessel under double class CCS and DNV, for extreme operations at water depths down to 3000m. HYSY286 is equipped with a working moon pool of 7.2m x 7.2 m at midship, suitable for a VLS operations; a 400t mast-type AHC crane pluss a 50t offshore crane for subsea operations; 2500t carousel under main deck for flexible pipe, umbilical cable, power cable etc.; 250t A/R AH winch for mooring operations; two WROVs for 3000m water depth located in the dedicated hangars. ST-263 is also prepared for installation of A-Frame at stern and SAT diving operations. HYSY286 is meant to operate in South China Sea for COOEC.

Skipsteknisk is currently also working with CNOOC's subsidiary COSL, designing 2 x ST-259 OCV, one ST-318 and one ST-315 seismic vessels. These vessels will be delivered in 2016.

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