OceanSaver Targets Japanese Growth

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By MarEx 2015-01-30 11:37:35

OceanSaver, a leading manufacturer of ballast water treatment (BWT) systems for large and medium sized vessels, has selected Kashiwa as its new sales agent in Japan. Kashiwa, which has specialized in manufacturing and supplying marine hazard prevention equipment since 1947, will now aim to build awareness of the OceanSaver brand and technology in the country’s newbuild and retrofit segments.

Based in Drammen, Norway, OceanSaver is a dedicated BWT specialist, providing systems worldwide for vessels such as bulk carriers, crude oil tankers and LNG carriers, to name a few. The firm has over a decade of proven success with its simple, reliable, efficient and safe solution - system attributes Kashiwa will now point to as it looks to leverage fresh market share.

“Kashiwa is a trusted and respected name in Japanese shipping, with an acknowledged mission of protecting the oceans, and the people and assets that work on them,” states Tor Atle Eiken, OceanSaver Vice President Sales & Marketing.

“We’re already well established in Japan with around 20 contracted BWT systems, but we believe that, with the ratification of the IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention on the horizon, a partner of Kashiwa’s stature will help us drive added growth and build our presence in this major shipping nation.”

OceanSaver’s BWT solution offers customers a small footprint, is modular in nature (making it easy to install) and simple to maintain. The system is type approved, Ex approved, and compliant with both IMO standards and US Coast Guard AMS approval.

OceanSaver has now contracted 143 of its BWT units worldwide.

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