OceanManager Maintenance System Certified by Indian Register

OceanManager Planned Maintenance VesFMS Solution

Published Jan 27, 2023 8:50 PM by The Maritime Executive

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OceanManager Planned Maintenance has been approved and certified by the Indian Register of Shipping Class.  The VesFMS solution has been approved in accordance with the applicable IR Class Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Steel Ships and Condition of Approval as below

1. The system shall at least cover machinery requiring Classification approval and periodically un-manned machinery space items when requested. Vessels under the CSM cycle can obtain PMS notation, and an initial survey is required to be carried out on board by the classification society.

2. During the validity of this Type Approval Certificate, all relevant changes to the approved design parameters and revision of versions are to be intimated and approved by IR Class.

Indian Register of Shipping (IR Class) is an international ship classification society (IACS) providing ship classification and certification and technical inspection services.

OceanManager’s VesFMS is a comprehensive fleet management software designed to improve effectiveness, reduce lifecycle costs, increase productivity, and streamline vessel maintenance. VesFMS provides an easy tool for reporting defects and breakdowns and applying preventive actions in the system. 

“We are looking to solve business challenges with vesFMS and provide the efficiency of clients’ business needs. VesFMS allows an agile product that aligns with each company’s business processes and save time and costs”, says Maruthe Loganathan, Director of Products.

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