NOSKE-KAESER Celebrates its 140th Anniversary


By The Maritime Executive 02-20-2019 06:47:49

The long-established Hamburg company NOSKE-KAESER Maritime Solutions will be turning 140 years old. Managing director Jürgen Matthes is delighted about the jubilee: “This is a very special anniversary for us. The company has had its ups and downs over the decades, but with outstanding products, loyal employees and a loyal customer and supplier base, ultimately it appears that success can be achieved even in uncertain times.” Following the acquisition by ENGIE Axima, which is part of the French ENGIE energy group, NOSKE-KAESER has been back in safe waters since December 2017. “We are delighted to be celebrating our anniversary along with our new owner, strengthened and consolidated.”

On 28th February 1879 graduate engineer Robert Ferdinand Noske set up his metal workshop in Altona near Hamburg for the construction of ventilation and central heating systems. “Such systems were among the absolute rarities of the time that very few could afford. Up to that point, they had been used even less in the shipping industry”, Matthes explains. In the early years, Noske quickly made a name for itself with a large number of innovations and patents as well as specialisation in marine systems. Early successes and prestigious orders, such as outfitting the Imperial Navy’s “Mars” troopship in 1880, quickly solidified the company’s reputation as a reliable partner in shipbuilding.

The second namesake of present-day NOSKE-KAESER Maritime Solutions GmbH founded his locksmith’s shop in Eimsbüttel in 1914. In 1947, Anton Kaeser was the only German to present his first air conditioning system at the export trade fair in Hannover, cementing his head start in air conditioning technology. The two companies merged in 1979, following the preceding acquisition by Blohm + Voss AG, to form NOSKE-KAESER GmbH. To this day, the company has retained its name as an innovator in the shipping industry and is a leader in the field of air conditioning technology. “Both company founders were visionaries far ahead of their time. With our expertise, which has grown over decades in the company and has always been continuously developed, we can easily meet the current requirements of state-of-the-art shipbuilding systems", explains Matthes.

NOSKE-KAESER is currently headquartered in Hamburg’s Steilshoop district. On the 7,000 square metre site, custom-made systems are developed and manufactured in-house. Its portfolio ranges from air-conditioning/ventilation, CBRN protection, refrigeration, fire extinguishing and piping systems, which are now installed on civil and military vessels worldwide. The company with approximately 235 employees maintains additional sites in Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Turkey.

The Hamburg location is currently being expanded with additional production and office space. “We are still closely connected to Hamburg and want to continue to grow here”, says Matthes, who looks forward to the company’s successful future.

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