No Performance Drawback with EPA VGP-Compliant Grease

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By MarEx 2015-11-25 09:46:56

When the EPA came out with the Vessel General Permit (VGP), most vessel operators felt their only option was EP 2 grease or nothing at all. PANOLIN customers have always had options. Depending on the application, the BIOGREASE EP 2 or BIOTRACK E 700 have always been the top choices. But now that vessel owners realize that performance is not sacrificed, and in most cases improved, they are capitalizing on PANOLIN’s full line of EPA VGP-compliant grease.

BIOGREASE EP 2 is still the strongest choice for capstans, winches, davits, rudder shafts, stabilizers and steering gear.

MARGREASE EP 2 is a perfect fit for all the BIOGREASE EP 2 applications that require a more aggressive water washout requirement and load protection.

MARGREASE EP 0 is a perfect fit for all pressurized systems. When you need to push out your non-compliant grease, EP 0 will be your choice for rudder shafts, stabilizers, CPP systems and even thrusters. This grease is not only compliant, but it will outperform your traditional EP grease.

Now that you know you have options when choosing EPA Vessel General Permit-compliant grease, make sure that your choice of grease manufacturer has considered and tested for the following. Compatibility (ASTM 6185) with existing greases is important during the changeover period. Then there are the standard characteristics that are major factors in your grease working correctly. PANOLIN has tested via ASTM standards and more importantly proven in real-world applications that all performance factors matter.

  • Shear Stability ASTM D 1098.
  • Oxidation Stability ASTM D 942.
  • Water washout ASTM D 1264.
  • Corrosion protection ASTM D 4048.
  • Pliability and drop point (as much as four times others).
  • Storage Stability (longevity).
  • ASTM D2266 Four Ball Wear Test.

Having a conversation with PANOLIN America’s experts can save your equipment from premature wear.

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