New Technology Suite installed at University of Wyoming


By The Maritime Executive 06-12-2019 08:02:51

The creation of North America’s largest, most technologically advanced center to train the petroleum engineers of the future has taken a major step forward following the installation of a new multi-million-dollar simulator suite at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming.

Leading simulator developer, Drilling Systems, has worked with the University of Wyoming’s College of Engineering and Applied Science to build the Drilling and Completions Simulation Laboratory, part of a new $105M Engineering Education and Research Building, which will be officially opened in September 2019.

The new laboratory will be used to train future talent for the oil and gas industry using cutting-edge simulator technology and immersive training techniques such as virtual reality. It will also develop new innovative solutions for the global energy sector and industry through simulation, visualization, modelling, consulting and training.

The center features the world’s most advanced drilling and well control simulator, the dual cyber chair DrillSIM 6000 and conventional brake handle DrillSIM 5000, and also includes the CTS 5000 coiled tubing and WL5000 wireline simulators for well intervention and completion activities, along with a workspace that can hold large classes. An instructor at a central command centre can control all the units.

Using this technology, students will learn how to operate complex drilling, well control and well servicing equipment to prepare them for the workplace. They will be able to experience all the movement, sounds and operations of real offshore and onshore rigs but in a safe environment. Crucially, students can also experience high risk operational scenarios, which could never be practised in the field.

The collaboration with Drilling Systems is helping the University of Wyoming position itself as a leading global educator for the worldwide energy sector and the largest in North America. It will allow the university to create masters’ and Ph.D. programs in drilling and completions to complement its existing programs, standing head and shoulders above competing institutions around the world.

Professor of Practice at the University of Wyoming, Douglas Cuthbertson, says, “We are delighted to complete the first stage of our world-leading Engineering Education and Research Building with the installation of this major new simulator suite. Our suite features the very latest in simulator technology, digital systems and software and will give students an unrivalled training experience to make them industry-ready.

“Technology is embedded into the everyday lives of millennials, and we need to ensure we utilise technology in education to fully engage these students, who will become tomorrow’s workforce. This new center demonstrates our commitment to the oil and gas industry and making our college the number one destination for top-flight education and research.”

Drilling Systems Regional Director, Jim Krupa, says, “Drilling Systems is honoured and proud to have our technology and services contributing to the university’s Tier 1 Engineering Initiative. It is exciting to be involved in developing the next generation of oil and gas engineers.”

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