New Executive for Filtersafe's Marine Division

mark riggio

Published Sep 9, 2020 9:33 PM by The Maritime Executive

Filtersafe has announced that Mark Riggio is joining the company as head of its marine division.

Mark is joining the company from Hyde Marine, where he was the Senior Market Manager for over 9 years. Mark will be bringing his vast experience in the maritime industry to Filtersafe to help continue the growth of the company as a marine equipment supplier.

Mark benefits from a unique perspective that few other have in this industry. He has voyaged through the three distinct and critical parts of the maritime landscape: Classification, Port & fleet management & BWTS designer and manufacturer.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to his position at Filtersafe including:

• Rigorous understanding of the standards involved in the marine industry from his time as a Senior Surveyor at the American Bureau of Shipping where he oversaw hundreds of surveys and equipment installations stretching over four continents and co-wrote the book on the Ballast water regulations.

• Deep insight of the needs of the most important component in our industry – the fleet owners/managers. The 6 years spend as a Port Engineer and Fleet Manager put him in the same waters as the end clients that he now works with.

• Comprehensive view and experience of the Ballast water industry from inside a market juggernaut Hyde Marine where he was the Senior Market Manager for over 9 years.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity” says Mark. “Filtersafe is poised not only to be the dominant player in the ballast water filtration market but they also have the personnel and product portfolio to tackle the broad range of challenges that ships face with contaminants in their process waters. Ballast water treatment is only the leading edge of this opportunity.”

“With Mark joining Filtersafe's leadership team, we are reinforcing our commitment to deliver quality products and services to not only the BWT segment but wider Marine industry,” says Miyan Mears-Dagan, COO at Filtersafe. “We have full confidence in Mark and his unique qualities to bring us to new heights.”

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