New Electrical Propulsion for Ferries Saves Energy

Stockholm ferry

By MarEx 2015-05-15 15:21:45

What started as an evaluation of various propulsion solutions and a review of in-scope equipment manufacturers quickly turned into a full-blown supply and engineering project for Callenberg Technology Group.

After initially making recommendations for the owner, Callenberg Technology Group was asked to supply the electrical propulsion package for the Ballerina, including motors, drives, automation as well as all engineering, installation and commissioning.

Commuter ferries typically operate with frequent port calls and stops. This operating pattern puts a high demand on the equipment in the propulsion line. For battery driven ferries, another challenge is added: having enough capacity to run for a long time without charging. Together with high-end battery suppliers we developed a reliable and user-friendly solution.

The new vessel was built at Faaborg Verft in Denmark, supported by Callenberg Technology Group offices in both Sweden and Denmark. One of the reasons why Callenberg won this contract is our reputation as a capable and reliable package suppler and system integrator, which are important issues when implementing new technologies.

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