New Contract from Oceanco for RH Marine Renews Long Term Partnership

Oceanco and RH Marine celebrate the renewed partnership

By The Maritime Executive 02-14-2018 05:31:00

World-class superyacht builder Oceanco has awarded RH Marine with the contract for the electrical & automation system integration and overall electrical system responsibility of Oceanco’s new 100+ meter yacht. Both parties consider this collaboration to be the start of a productive long-term partnership. 

RH Marine’s scope

RH Marine is responsible for the delivery of the complete electrical & automation system. The system includes the newest version of RH Marine’s next generation of ship automation: Rhodium AMCS and the Energy Management System for optimisation of energy consumption. 

RH Marine is responsible for the electrical system integration of various systems onboard. To select the best fitting suppliers for the project, Oceanco has consulted RH Marine for the specifications and requirements of all electrical systems onboard.  

Unique vision on yacht building

Oceanco has a unique, forward thinking vision on large yacht-building. Instead of having a dedicated engineering team that provides the specifications upon which suppliers make their offer, they believe in co-makership and involve key partners in the earliest stages of the project to be able to design the specifications of the yacht together. 

Oceanco selects the key partners they consider to be of best value for the project based on a combination of attributes such as technical capabilities, project team and project management skills. RH Marine is proud to be Oceanco’s preferred partner for this 100+ meter superyacht.

RH Marine’s footprint in the yachting industry

The Netherlands is known for building the world’s highest quality superyachts. RH Marine is the leading company in electrical system integration with decades of experience in the yachting industry and on-site locations at multiple Dutch and international shipyards and now also proudly at Oceanco. 

RH Marine delivers systems for all types of yachts ranging from 30 to more than 160 meters and is innovating towards a fully sustainable superyacht industry by offering advanced Hybrid and Energy Management solutions. One of which is the installation of a 1MW hybrid solution onboard an 80+ meter superyacht.

About RH Marine

RH Marine is a leading system integrator and innovator of electrical and automation systems in the maritime industry, and delivers tailored solutions for complex Defence, Safety & Security ships, Yachts and Special Vessels. Our in-house capabilities include: Project management, consultancy, system design, engineering, commissioning, installation, site management, training and service support.
RH Marine supports and advises the customer from the design phase through the entire life cycle of the ship. This end-to-end approach allows for optimal configuration for the operational goals, and minimization of the life cycle costs. RH Marine ensures safe, sustainable, comfortable and cost efficient continuity of operations for it's customers by integrating smart and cost effective solutions since 1860. Since 2017, RH Marine is part of Pon Holdings. 

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