New Book: Voyage Planning with ECDIS


By MarEx 2016-12-01 17:31:48

Geomares Publishing is introducing a new training book Voyage Planning with ECDIS, written by Professor Ralph Becker-Heins. Voyage Planning with ECDIS aims to provide a profound hands-on advice on how to best compile a suitable voyage plan fully in line with the principles of IMO Resolution A.893(21). 

Following a process-guided structure each chapter starts with a short re-compilation of the theoretical principals. Embattled with the re-enforced knowledge, the reader is challenged by a concrete example of a vessel sailing down the East coast of the USA. Following a step-by-step guidance, the book offers for each task a sample solution, including the usage of modern ECDIS equipment.

Every year a considerable number of vessels is detained because of an insufficient voyage or passage plan. Issues with voyage plans are counted among the top-5 claims. Just to have ‘some’ voyage plan turns out to be insufficient – the demand is to have a proper plan, compliant to the rules.

The author of the book, Ralph Becker-Heins, is full Professor of Navigation at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, Germany and General Manager of maritime training company Safebridge GmbH, in Hamburg, Germany.

The publisher of the book, Geomares Publishing, Lemmer, The Netherlands, holds several ECDIS and e-navigation products in its portfolio such as The Electronic Chart Fundamentals, Functions, Data and other Essentials A Textbook for ECDIS Use and Training by Hecht et al. (www.electronic-chart.nl) and the training book ECDIS BASICS. The new book Voyage Planning with ECDIS will be available via http://www.geomares.nl/product/voyage-planning-with-ecdis/ at the price of €44.

General information

Title: Voyage Planning with ECDIS. Practical Guide for Navigators.

Publisher: Geomares Publishing

ISBN: 978-90-825818-0-5

Price: €44

Number of pages: 192

Orders via: http://www.geomares.nl/product/voyage-planning-with-ecdis/

(For larger quantities or inquiries, ask Trea Fledderus at trea.fledderus@geomares.nl or +31 514 56 1854)

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