New AWT SmartWatch Service

The Smart Way to Keep a Close Watch on Fleet Performance

AWT SmartWatch

By MarEx 2015-06-02 16:34:12

AWT is very excited to announce AWT SmartWatch™. Based on the feedback we have received from clients, there is a significant need in the market for this service — an affordable solution for fleet performance and efficiency management.

AWT SmartWatch enables smarter fleet operations by providing big picture vessel performance. Owners and operators can now keep a close watch on how their fleet is preforming, at sea as well as in port, with this easy-to-use service.

Although fuel prices have dropped, new environmental legislation and pressure from shipping companies has increased the demand on owners and operators to reduce carbon emissions. As a result, owners and operators are continually pushed to deliver greater environmental and operational efficiencies to meet these requirements and maximize both the profitability and marketability of their fleets.

AWT SmartWatch helps clients capture, analyze and manage data from vessels. It can be used as a standalone service or be combined with any number of the other services provided by AWT and does not require any hardware installations so there are no upfront costs.

Data is captured using AWT’s Data Reporting System (DRS2) and stored in a separate events database. DRS2 has error checking onboard and AWT has an extensive alarm system within SmartWatch to help detect any data quality issues that can be corrected through the SmartWatch data editor.

AWT SmartWatch is highly configurable so that a user can view custom KPI’s and the information they need to make informed decisions. It puts control in the client’s hands so they can determine which alerts and thresholds are critical to their operation.

One of the key advantages of AWT SmartWatch is that it not only looks at historical trends for a vessel or fleet, but it can also be used to manage, in real-time, vessels underway. The alert dashboard and push alerts notify the managers or operators of potential performance or safety issues to proactively address them during a voyage.

Clients can create benchmark terms and curves, such as builder's sea trial speed and consumption curves. These can be compared to the vessels current dynamic consumption curve to evaluate a vessel’s efficiency. AWT SmartWatch also has a data editor that allows clients to display and edit events data that can be exported for use in other internal systems.

In conclusion, AWT SmartWatch provides continual updates of key metrics and gives a birds eye’s perspective to see how a fleet measures up. The service is customizable and gives clients the control they need to analyze and mange fleet efficiency. This help owners and operators enhance safety and save fuel, time, money and the environment. This is the goal of all of the work we do at AWT. Get the big picture — SmartWatch it!

By Richard Brown, AWT Vice President of Products and Systems

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