Neste Signs a Milestone Agreement with Marorka

Ole Skatka Jensen, Jacob Granqvist
Ole Skatka Jensen, CEO, Marorka, and Jacob Granqvist, Neste's Chartering Operations Manager at the signing of the contract.

By MarEx 2015-05-22 15:41:46

Neste Shipping Oy, a subsidiary of Neste, Finland, has signed a benchmark agreement for the lease of energy management solutions from Marorka. The solutions will be installed in vessels chartered by Neste Shipping. The overall aim is to improve the energy efficiency of Neste Shipping’s chartered tanker fleet.

This agreement marks an important milestone as Neste is one of the first ship operators to install energy management systems on third party ships. Moreover, in contrast to standard agreements in this sector, Marorka’s solution will be leased on a subscription basis with additional service packages.

Every ship chartered by Neste Shipping will be fitted with the Marorka system, which collects onboard, real-time data and monitors performance. Neste Shipping will also be using Marorka Online to monitor fleet performance. The leasing agreement encompasses all hardware and software and includes customer and advisory services.

The main benefit for Neste Shipping will be uniformity. All vessels chartered by the company will be equipped with identical energy management systems regardless of the ship’s origin or ownership. Performance data can be viewed and analyzed in real time in a single decision support system: Marorka Online.

Neste Shipping selected Marorka as their designated partner following a rigorous vetting process. Marorka is the leading global provider of data-driven energy management solutions to the maritime industry. With more than 500 systems installed onboard vessels over the last 10 years, it is the most trusted partner for leveraging energy efficiency in shipping based on real-time data.

The implementation of Marorka’s unique and integrated approach to energy efficiency will provide Neste Shipping with a tool that will not only optimize energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and realize significant fuel savings, but also improve the overall performance and competitiveness of Neste’s fleet.

“This agreement with Neste Shipping is a benchmark agreement within the charterers’ market. It shows that data-driven, energy management matters to companies chartering in ships from third parties as much as to companies operating or chartering out their own ships. Companies which charter ships usually have to bear significant energy costs. Marorka’s solution can help them realize significant returns by basing their management decisions on real-time data. Moreover, with this new contract, Marorka is delivering superior data systems through “energy management solutions as a service”. This means that the data systems will be provided on a lease for the duration of the contract. Additional service packages including implementation, training and advisory services will ensure that our customers enjoy the highest reliability, viability and flexibility. We are looking forward to working with Neste, and we see the complete alignment of the interests of both Neste Shipping and Marorka,” said Ole Skatka Jensen, Marorka CEO.

Jacob Granqvist, Neste’s Chartering Operations Manager, added: “Neste has been through a rigorous vetting process assessing a number of different service providers before choosing Marorka as our preferred supplier. This decision was based on Marorka’s quality product and Marorka’s many years of experience in providing performance management solutions for the shipping industry.”

“The Marorka energy management solution will enable Neste to focus on optimizing the energy efficiency of their entire chartered fleet based on accurate real-time data,” Mr Granqvist added. 

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