Navalrocha Builds Dredger for Jan De Nul Group

Novalrocha Shipyard
Navalrocha Shipyard Completes Jan De Nul Group Dredger

Published Jan 11, 2023 12:04 PM by The Maritime Executive

Portugal’s Navalrocha Shipyard has completed a multimillion-dollar project for Luxembourg-based company Jan De Nul Group as it targets growth across the Benelux dredging sector.

The cluster-contract involving repair work to two split hopper barges and one trailing suction hopper dredger - Tiger, De Bougainville, and Le Guerrier - was finalized at the end of November 2022.

Key elements of the project involved complex heavy-lift operations, to replace 40-tonne hydraulic cylinders, plus Ballast Water Treatment System installations. Broader work included 33-tonnes of steel renewal, along with piping, mechanical and electrical repairs, combined with blasting, painting and tank cleaning. 

Navalrocha Commercial Director Sergio Rodrigues said the project helps illustrate the yard’s niche offering. “This marks another important milestone in our long-standing relationship with world-renowned dredging operator, Jan De Nul. At Navalrocha offer a series of key benefits to the dredging and offshore support market, with a strong track record, combined with world-class skills and facilities to deliver complex repair projects. The scale of our yard, with four drydocks and a pier-side facility, ensures ultra-tight control with every project receiving our undivided attention. In addition, our geo-strategic location makes for an ideal stop-off point for vessels travelling on repositioning routes between the Atlantic, North Africa and the Mediterranean.”

Navalrocha has supported Jan De Nul since 2012 delivering multiple ship repair projects including work on split hopper barges, L’Etoile and Boussole. The yard’s continued expansion across the Benelux region, home to several of the world’s largest dredging operators, is being supported by its longest serving agent and local partner, Wilcamar & Co, based in Rotterdam.

Jan De Nul Group has a versatile and modern fleet of dredging and offshore installation vessels with over 80 main vessels, including the world's largest hopper dredgers, the Cristóbal Colón and Leiv Eiriksson, built in 2009 and 2010. The company began as a civil engineering contractor, before entering the dredging sector in the 1950s and later expanding into offshore services for the energy sector, successfully securing major European wind energy projects.

Filip Vivile, Fleet Unit Manager at Jan De Nul Group: “We found in Navalrocha Shipyard a trusted partner to help maintain our versatile fleet in the Mediterranean area.”

Recent work to Jan De Nul’s split hopper barge, Tiger, took place in Dock 1 at Navalrocha between August and September, involving steel and piping renewal, along with mechanical and electrical work. Further attention was given to blasting, painting and tank cleaning. Watertight seals were also refitted to secure interconnecting hulls, along with a Ballast Water Treatment System.

Later in September, Le Guerrier docked for extensive steel renewal, along with mechanical and piping work. A critical phase of the project involved the removal and replacement of two 40-tonne hydraulic cylinders, positioned in the two half-hulls allowing the vessel to split over its longitudinal axis and discharge cargo. A specialist 500-tonne capacity heavy-lift crane was used to manoeuvre the hydraulic cylinders quayside. The vessel was later blasted and partly treated with silicon paint. 

The final project involving De Bougainville was delivered pier-side, including a range of steel and piping work, plus repairs to mechanical components and electrical motors, combined with tank cleaning and surface treatment work.

Mr Rodrigues added: “Our climate in Portugal offers ideal ship repair conditions, most notably for painting and blasting with more than 300 days of sunshine every year. Being in the heart of Lisbon we also have vibrant and cosmopolitan surroundings for the crew to disembark while work is underway. For the offshore market, operating along West and North African coasts, our ready supply of spare parts provides a significant advantage over competitors.”

Navalrocha offers a complete ‘one-stop-shop’ ship repair service providing a full range of turnkey solutions. These services are delivered in coordination with a series of long-standing and trusted partners with offices and located within the yard. Key services include Steelwork, Welding, Mechanical and Machining Work, Boiler Repairs, Pipework, Cleaning, Painting and Blasting, Electrical and Automation Work and Green Technologies. Further services include Tank Cleaning, Insulation Work and Carpentry.

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