MT2020 Conference Recommendations (Cairo 10-12 May)


By MarEx 2016-05-26 14:07:11

Participants, Speakers and Organizers attending The Maritime Transportation 2020 conference (MT2020) have after three interesting days of intense work and discussions (focused on innovation and development) agreed to support and share the following 10 recommendations:

MT2020 recommends

1. Usage of the renewable energy and the alternative sources of energy (hybrid energy) in the Maritime Transport activities (Ports-Yachts) and the naval propulsion

2. Providing the Arab ports and specially the hub ports including the Suez Canal Zone with stations to supply vessels with liquefied natural gas

3. Focusing on investment in the technological & logistics fields, and work on the development of human labor to keep pace with the global development

4. All Arab chambers of Shipping and counterparts to join FONASBA for its important services provided to the shipping industries3

5. Continuous development in legislation related to transport in all its elements to attract investment and development in the Arab countries to keep pace with the rapid development in the shipping industry

6. Supporting the expansion of the establishment of the economic zones of the Arab Countries and cooperation among them

7. Supporting the Blue Valley initiative in the economic zone of the Suez Canal Industries related to maritime transport

8. Endorsement of seamen certificates issued through distance education

9. Focusing on the importance of involving delegates from the Arab Academy of Science Technology and Maritime Transport as representatives of the League of Arab States in the International Labor Organization meetings in the maritime labor field in coordination with the Arab Federation of Chambers of Shipping

10. Cooperation of the Egyptian Chambers of Shipping and the Arab Federation of Chambers of Shipping with Suez Canal economic zone in preparation of studies and maritime consultancy. 

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