More Greek Shipowners are Choosing Scrubbers for Sulphur Compliance

Cleanship Solutions

By The Maritime Executive 06-27-2018 10:15:35

An ever increasing number of Greek shipowners’ are choosing to install scrubbers as their preferred solution for the impending sulphur cap. With the 2020 deadline looming, Alpha Marine Consulting, in partnership with British retrofit and compliance specialists Cleanship Solutions, are continuing to experience strong growth in the number of Greek shipowners’ requesting Scrubber retrofitting expertise and assistance.

With over 40 active scrubber retrofit projects currently ongoing for Greek shipowners’ – believed to be the largest number of ongoing scrubber projects globally – Zacharias Yerasimou, Technical Director of Alpha Marine Consulting, expects demand to keep on increasing.

“From the start of 2018, Alpha Marine and Cleanship Solutions have experienced a flurry of recent orders for comprehensive scrubber retrofit solutions from the Greek shipowning community,” Mr Yerasimou noted. “We only expect this to further increase throughout 2018 and 2019 as owners finalise their strategy for compliance.”

In ensuring Alpha Marine have the capacity to meet the ever growing demand for scrubber retrofit assistance, Mr Yerasimou explains more about the benefits of the partnership between Alpha Marine Consulting and Cleanship Solutions:

“With Alpha Marine Consulting’s strong and trusted relationship with the Greek shipowning community and Cleanship Solutions’ excellence in compliance retrofitting projects, our impartial advice and comprehensive retrofit expertise enables us to jointly guide shipowners through these complex legislative and technical requirements. Through having a global presence, and pulling and sharing resources we offer clients unrivalled levels of experience and service provision.”

Formed in 2017, the partnership between Alpha Marine Consulting, one of the largest naval architecture consultancies in Greece and Turkey, and Cleanship Solutions, environmental compliance and retrofit specialists, combines the expertise of both companies to offer trusted, impartial and reliable compliance solutions to the local shipowning community.

The strategic partnership offers a range of compliance and retrofit solutions, from 3D scanning and feasibility studies, through to complex retrofit engineering studies and onsite supervision – for both scrubber retrofits as well as ballast water management.

Further information is available at www.cleanshipsolutions.com/greece

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