MITAGS Announces New Course Offering

Vessel Traffic Centers

By MarEx 2016-03-11 15:20:18

MITAGS, an accredited VTS Training Institute, announces a new course that focuses on Train-the-Trainer skills for those conducting On-the-Job training at Vessel Traffic Centers.  This course is designed and approved to meet IALA V-103/4, VTS On-the-Job Training Instructor requirements. This 5-day, 40 hour course is an innovative mix of the Qualified Instructor requirements as set forth in the International Maritime Organization’s model course 6.09, and the particular challenges for on-the-job training as addressed in the V-103/4 model course.

The course uses simulation, as well as practical exercises, and covers a wide range of subjects including:

• Introduction to classroom and On-the-Job Instruction
• Development of a learning system
• Course design
• Training management
• Training aids, including simulation
• Evaluation of a learning system

Although every company uses some level of on-the-job training in workforce management, transferring employee skills to another is a “skill” within itself.  MITAGS is proud to add this course as it will increase the effectiveness of on-the-job training programs and heighten Vessel Traffic Center Trainer skills.  

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