Militzer & M?nch France Expands Its Network

Militzer & M?nch France Trucks in Pusignan

By MarEx 2016-07-26 16:03:18

In view of high growth rates, and after taking into operation new locations in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Roissy, the French Militzer & Münch organization now opens an office in Mulhouse, Alsace, in time for its 40-year anniversary. Short-term plans are to establish another branch office in Algeria, too, all with the aim of increasing the capacities for transports to the Maghreb region.

This year, Militzer & Münch France looks back on 40 years of activities, with an especially positive development during the past five years: the team in France was able to quadruple the operating result, and increase the number of orders by 50 percent. The staff grew accordingly – currently, there are 210 persons working at the nine locations in France.

The service portfolio comprises road transports, air and sea freight, rail transports and customs clearance.

Vigorous growth

“The new office in Mulhouse allows us to now cover also the North East of France; it is a perfect complement to our network”, says Guillaume de Laage de Meux, Managing Director M&M Militzer & Münch France. “The location serves as our platform for the further development of our traffics from Germany and Switzerland to Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.”

Apart from Mulhouse and the headquarters in Lille, Militzer & Münch operates branch offices in Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Marseilles. Whereby, as Guillaume de Laage de Meux says, the locations Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Roissy were set up in the course of the past three years.

Aircraft on Ground

Founded in 2015, the Roissy office at Charles de Gaulle Airport offers a special service: in cooperation with Militzer & Münch China, a team of specialists from Militzer & Münch France is establishing a new aircraft on ground solution, managing the transport of spare parts for Chinese airlines.

“We are now planning to extend the service for time-sensitive exports and to offer it to the pharmaceutical sector and to customers from other industries, too”, Guillaume de Laage de Meux explains. “At the same time, we are working on expanding our service range.”

Individual solutions

At this time, France’s biggest export industries are the automotive, aerospace, the pharmaceutical and luxury goods sectors – Militzer & Münch France customers are from these industries as well as from the field of electronics and construction. For transports to niche markets such as Iran, the Central Asian countries and the Caucasus, as well as for rail solutions between China and Europe, Militzer & Münch France has its own, separate expert center. “Our logistics specialists develop an individually tailored solution for every single customer”, Guillaume de Laage de Meux says. “The Iran traffics for instance are attended to by colleagues from Iran who work at our Paris office.”

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