Marorka and Nordic Tankers Sign Fleet Agreement

Nordic tankers

By MarEx 2015-09-17 16:29:16

Marorka Online is a comprehensive energy management dashboard which will allow Nordic Tankers ashore to focus on managing their vessels use of energy more efficiently. It is the ideal platform for visualizing fleet information and facilitating collaboration between ship and shore for all vessels in their fleet including owned, time chartered and commercially managed vessels.

The contract is based on a yearly subscription fee for a cloud-based solution, with no installation of hardware or software required. The data used is taken from noon-reports and imported from a third-party provider. In addition, Marorka Online will automatically combine collected data from vessels equipped with Marorka Onboard solutions (automated data collection) with the manual noon report data. Nordic Tankers will then have a single online performance system for all vessels in the fleet, irrespective of ownership or whether vessels are operating under commercial management in a short-term or long-term perspective.

“Nordic Tankers’ commitment combined with internal training and onshore management will introduce a continuous improvement cycle that we expect to bring significant savings. The provision of quality data to Nordic Tankers through a single platform is extremely important for us in order to provide efficient and safe tanker shipping solutions to the oil and chemical industry,” Carsten B. Ostenfeldt, Senior Vice President at Nordic Tankers A/S

“The agreement with Nordic Tankers is a benchmark agreement for the shipping industry, where Marorka Online is monitoring automatically collected data and data taken from noon-reports as well as data imported from third-party software. It shows that data-driven energy management matters equally to shipowners operating vessel pools which include third-party vessels as well as to shipowners operating their own ships,” Ole Skatka Jensen, CEO, Marorka

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