Maritime Partner Delivers Norway's Largest Ambulance Boat


Published Oct 12, 2020 1:02 PM by The Maritime Executive

(Ålesund, Norway 12 October 2020) Maritime Partner AS in Ålesund has delivered MV Thea Jensen to Loppa Legeskyssbåter (Loppa Ambulanceboats).

After four months of outfitting at Maritime Partner’s shipyard in Ålesund, Norway's largest ambulance catamaran has been handed over to shipowner Loppa Legeskyssbåter. It is Maritime Partner’s build number 2168.

She will be stationed in Øksfjord in the North of Norway and will be operated in the area of Loppa, Hasvik and the outer Altafjord. The shipowner has an 8 + 1 + 1 year contract with Finnmark Hospital in Hammerfest to operate the service.

The boat is designed with a lot of new features that owner and crew have seen the need for but have not had the opportunity to install on existing boats. The equipment will facilitate work on board the boat that will operate in some of the most challenging waters in North Norway.

Among other things, a new foil system for ride comfort have been tested during the sea trials. This is a completely new product that is designed to reduce rolling / stamping in the sea by about 30%. The Wavefoil system has worked very well during testing and probably have an efficiency that exceeds calculations. The result is that crew, patients and passengers have a much calmer journey.

The emergency room (ER) is equipped with two stretches and the most modern equipment for efficient treatment of passengers in transport. The cabin is very spacious and with location aft it will be the quietest place on board in bad weather. Access to the Emergency Room is primarily via an advanced stretcher lift which is located aft.

When you get on board, there are heating in all decks. All exterior areas are monitored by CCTV cameras, so the bridge always have an overview of everyone on board and their safety. An advanced night / ice camera is also installed to maximize security during winter transit.

In front of the ER there is a spacious passenger lounge, with seats for 8 passengers as well as a galley and two cabins for crew rest. The passenger lounge is separate from the ER and ensures that doctors / nurses can treat patients undisturbed. The spacious bridge contains a small office and 4 suspension chairs for the crew. The boat is equipped with the latest in navigation, communication and monitoring.

Main dimensions Alusafe Cat 21:

Maximum length 22.90 meters

Total width 7.80 meters

Number of passengers / crew 8/2

Speed ??30 knots

Engine / Propulsion Volvo IPS 1050

Building material Aluminium

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