Loipart Introduces New Food Waste System


By MarEx 2016-12-19 20:13:29

Loipart Group, a world-leading supplier for marine galley equipment, provision rooms and laundry systems, has strengthened and expanded its business with own designed systems and equipment for ship-generated garbage together with the new partner company A5 Marine Technologies AB.

The founders of A5 Marine Technologies AB have been working in environmental development within the maritime and offshore sector for many years with focus on ship-generated garbage and have earned a good reputation in the market when it comes to cost-effective, compliant solutions and environmental expertise.

Ship-generated garbage management has become a complex area, both legally and technically. Various types of waste are generated during operation and in order to implement a waste management system, it is necessary to identify and quantify the different types of waste on board. Too often a compactor is installed on board without being used.

Activities related to the management of ship-generated garbage are broadly regulated internationally by MARPOL Annex V. The revised MARPOL Annex V entered into force on January 1st 2013 and sets the minimum standard for waste management. More specific requirements may exist in regional or national jurisdictions.

Our systems are developed in close co-operation with onboard crew members and manufactured in our own facilities in Eura, Finland. We can supply complete food waste systems (gravity or vacuum), chute systems, compactors, shredders and crushers.

With our technical expertise and experience, we can assist clients worldwide with efficient and innovative solutions and also improve the environmental performance and strategies on board.

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