Lightweight, Wearable Safety Strobe Is Essential Gear


Published Nov 20, 2020 12:55 AM by The Maritime Executive

After falling overboard, remaining visible to rescuers is essential. Wearing a Life Light® strobe from Ritchie Navigation aids in a successful recovery. Lightweight and compact, it attaches easily to any PFD, harness, survival suit, life raft or throwable device. US Coast Guard-approved and fully automatic, it activates as soon as it's immersed. A crucial piece of safety equipment, it makes a thoughtful holiday gift.


The powerful Life Light strobe is visible for over 2.5 miles and maintains 100% brightness for 300 hours. Functional in fresh or saltwater, it requires no manual activation—an essential feature if the overboard victim is unconscious.

When the Life Light is removed from the water, it deactivates. This is ideal for use on a life raft that could be at sea for more than 12 days. The non-replaceable lithium-ion battery lasts for five years.


The Life Light (RN-Strobe) from Ritchie Navigation has a rugged, yellow housing that floats and is permanently sealed to ensure absolute corrosion resistance. Measuring 1-1/2" in dia. and weighing only 1/2 oz., it's ideal for any outdoor activity where emergency assistance may be needed due to injury or being lost. It comes with a lanyard and Velcro strap for a wide range of uses, including on a pet's life vest. It has an MSRP of $24.

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